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I have this tendency to get interested about many different things, all of the sudden. It can be triggered by anything: a trip, a magazine, a book, a store, a film, people, strangers, the web, fairs and exhibitions, or simply a conversation with my sister, my Mom and friends. Memories from my childhood as well. My grand-mother was the crafts person, extremely talented and accurate in everything she touched. By then, it was common to have grand-mothers and moms and aunts and cousins who were masters of the embroidery, the sewing, the baking and the cooking, to name a few. Women were in charge of the household and developed these metiers as an act of liberation and independence.

I have been learning by myself different crafts, especially in these past years soon after I moved from my home country to The Netherlands. Probably because such a change in my life triggered my roots and my happy childhood memories. I'm surrounded by new people from so many different origins who are, as I am, so sincerely interest about cooking. And that's a privilege it can not be wasted.


From all the crafts I have been curious about and embracing with great – sometimes temporary - enthusiasm, there is one that have never been left behind: baking. One of my most fulfilling pleasures.  And here I am embarking in this new chapter, full of joy and excitement with the hope to genuinely offer my clients the indulgence of food and pastry that I so much love and respect.


Helena Rico, Groningen


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